Cape Conroe  - Property Owner's Association
Board of Directors
The Board of Directors for Cape Conroe POA consist of 11 Members.There are the elected officers:President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. There are also 5 directors and 2 alternates.Once elected the term is for 3 years.
Current 2017-2018 Board Member are:
President             Paul Rex                  936-448-1524
Vice President      Jim Mauch              936-689-9898    
Secretary             Rose Ann Zolka        936-582-6107
Treasurer             Frank Skyvara          936-520-8170
Director               Jim Allen
Director               Sidne Eagan
Director               Kerri Bushman
Director               April Wallin
Director               Justin Bateman  
Alternate             Amber Keiser
Alternate            Robert Rosenfield         

You may contact the board by email by going to the link below. Please allow 24 hours to respond:
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